Ms Susan Page


Position: Research Scholar
School and/or Centres: Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research


Location: Room 2139, Copland Building #24


Bachelor of Arts (UNSW) Major in History/SociologyMaster of Health Professions Education (UNSW)

Researcher profile:

Susan is an Aboriginal academic whose research focuses on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ experience of learning and academic work in higher education and student learning in Indigenous Studies. She if currently enrolled in a PhD program at Australian National University and is also Professor in the Centre for the Advancement of Indigenous Knowledges at the University of Technology Sydney, where she is collaborating on a university wide project to implement Indigenous Graduate Attributes across all university programs. Early in her career, Susan was awarded a university Excellence in Teaching award (University of Sydney). Susan’s recent Australian Research Council funded research (Trudgett, Page & Harrison) explored best practice for the supervision of Indigenous doctoral students. Other recent research includes, examining Indigenous student engagement in Australasian Universities (Page & Asmar), investigating Education curricula inclusive of Darug knowledge traditions (Harrison & Page) and examining the roles of Indigenous academics in Australian Universities (Asmar & Page). Susan is a Director and Deputy Chair of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Higher Education Consortium (Aboriginal Corporation).

Thesis Title: Beyond Black and White: Exploring Threshold Concepts in first year Australian Indigenous Studies to enhance student learning and curriculum design

 Research interests:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Higher Education
  • Student learning in Indigenous Studies
  • Higher Education Teaching and Learning

Supervisory Panel

Dr Robert G. (Jerry) Schwab (Chair), Dr Margaret Kiley & Professor Jeannie Herbert (CSU)

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