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Indigenous Australian entrepreneurs: Not all community organisations, not all in the outback

Author/editor: Foley, D

Paper no: 279

Year published: 2006

The media, academic publications and parliamentary speeches typically perceive Indigenous business enterprises as ‘community’ run ventures. This blanket characterisation is inadequate as it renders the individual Indigenous urban entrepreneur invisible and unconsidered. Confusion in public...

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Capacity development in the international development context: Implications for Indigenous Australia

Author/editor: Hunt, J

Paper no: 278

Year published: 2005

Capacity development has become a key concept in international development in recent years. Older approaches involving technical cooperation, in which knowledge and skills were to be transferred to developing countries, have been unsuccessful. In contrast capacity development is viewed as an...

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Tracking change in the relative economic status of Indigenous people in New South Wales

Author/editor: Taylor, J

Paper no: 277

Year published: 2005

Since its formation in 1990, CAEPR has produced a series of research papers tracking progress in the relative economic status of Indigenous people in New South Wales using mostly census data. Viewed in sequence, the findings have indicated a rise over time in the Indigenous employment rate and a...

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Land rights and development reform in remote Australia

Author/editor: Altman, JC, Linkhorn, C, Clarke, J

Paper no: 276

Year published: 2005

There has been escalating media coverage of the view that Indigenous economic disadvantage and housing and infrastructure shortages are linked to communal title to land resulting from land rights and native title. A variety of powerful figures have been suggesting that privatizing or individuating...

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Housing tenure and Indigenous Australians in remote and settled areas

Author/editor: Sanders, WG

Paper no: 275

Year published: 2005

This paper adopts a socioeconomic and policy systems approach to housing tenure patterns. It argues that the housing tenure system in more densely settled Australia, dominated by home ownership, does not fully penetrate to remote areas for either Indigenous or other households. It uses data from...

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Indigenous Job Search Success

Author/editor: Gray, MC, Hunter, B

Paper no: 274

Year published: 2005

One important and under-researched aspect of labour market policy is the extent to which policy interventions are effective in modifying job search behaviour. Furthermore, there is little extant research on whether certain job search behaviours lead to labour market success. Our analysis uses the...

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Bridging the digital divide: The role of community online access centres in Indigenous communities

Author/editor: Daly, A

Paper no: 273

Year published: 2005

This paper presents data from the 2001 Census of Population and Housing to highlight the low levels of computer and internet usage by Indigenous Australians. This result is not surprising given the well-documented connection between education, income, and use of these technologies. In addition to...

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