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Careers and aspirations: Young Torres Strait Islanders, 1999-2003

Author/editor: Arthur, W, Hughes, JP, Wasaga, E

Paper no: 259

Year published: 2004

Material on the careers and aspirations of Indigenous young people is limited. This paper presents some such material from Torres Strait. In 1999, 105 Indigenous people aged between 15 and 24 years were interviewed about their aspirations. A proportion of these people were reinterviewed in 2003 and...

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An Indigenous school and learning community in the ACT? Opportunity, context and rationale

Author/editor: Sutherland, D

Paper no: 258

Year published: 2003

In an effort to move towards a whole-of-government approach to service delivery to Indigenous communities, the Council Of Australian Governments has developed a Reconciliation Framework that is designed to advance the process of reconciliation and address Indigenous disadvantage. Incorporating the...

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The realities of Indigenous adult literacy acquisition and practice: Implications for capacity development in remote communities

Author/editor: Kral, I, Schwab, RG

Paper no: 257

Year published: 2003

The future sustainability of remote communities is being questioned with increasing frequency. The current state of welfare dependency is fragile. Significant work is being undertaken to develop the capacity of Indigenous communities to govern their own services and adult literacy is clearly seen...

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Developing a land and resource management framework for Kaanju homelands, Central Cape York Peninsula

Author/editor: Smith, B, Claudie, D

Paper no: 256

Year published: 2003

This paper outlines efforts by Kaanju families to develop a comprehensive framework for the management of traditional lands and their associated resources on Kaanju homelands. Based at the Chuula homeland camp on the upper Wenlock River, Kaanju people are attempting to move beyond involvement as...

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Torres Strait Islanders in the 2001 Census

Author/editor: Arthur, W

Paper no: 255

Year published: 2003

Every five years, the national Census of Population and Housing provides data on the demographic, social and economic characteristics of Australia's Indigenous population. In this paper a number of socioeconomic characteristics from the 2001 Census are analysed by State for Torres Strait Islanders...

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Monitoring 'practical' reconciliation: Evidence from the reconciliation decade, 1991-2001

Author/editor: Altman, JC, Hunter, B

Paper no: 254

Year published: 2003

This paper sets out to examine, at the national level, changes in the socioeconomic status of Indigenous Australians during the decade 1991-2001, a period that closely matches 'the reconciliation decade'. The information used is from three five-yearly censuses undertaken by the Australian Bureau of...

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Reproducing exclusion or inclusion? Implications for the wellbeing of Indigenous Australian children

Author/editor: Daly, A, Smith, D

Paper no: 253

Year published: 2003

This paper is exploratory. It examines the analytic usefulness and practical implications of the concepts of ‘exclusion’ and ‘inclusion’ in a cross-cultural context. The focus is on the socioeconomic wellbeing of Indigenous children, in the context of the families and households in which they live...

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