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Normalising Aboriginal Housing in the Kimberley

'Normalising' Aboriginal Housing in the Kimberley: Challenges at the interface of new public management approaches

Author/editor: Hunt, J

Paper no: 123

Year published: 2018

The abolition of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) and the national government reform agenda of the mid-2000s brought about ‘mainstreaming’ of Indigenous programs and opened them up to new public management (NPM) principles. This paper discusses this change, particularly...

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Measuring and analysing success for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

Author/editor: Nicholas Biddle, Matthew Gray & Jerry Schwab

Paper no: 122

Year published: 2017

The Closing the Gap targets feature heavily in the current policy measurement framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians at both the national and state/territory levels. The targets provide concrete measures against which trends in changes in outcomes for the Indigenous...

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The Cashless Debit Card trial in the East Kimberley

Author/editor: Klein, E & Razi, S

Paper no: 121/2017

Year published: 2017

This paper focuses on the Cashless Debit Card trial in the East Kimberley, Western Australia. The card aims to restrict cash and purchases to curb alcohol consumption, illegal drug use and gambling. The card targets Indigenous people disproportionately – 82.0% of the people in the East Kimberley...

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Dynamics of the digital divide

Author/editor: Radoll, P, Hunter, B

Paper no: 120

Year published: 2017

The digital divide between Indigenous and other Australians describes the unequal access to information and communications technology (ICT) between these groups. Historically, researchers have focused on acquiring new technology, but we argue that it is important to understand all the dynamics of...

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The Characteristics and Potential Effects of the Schools that Indigenous Australians Attend

Author/editor: Biddle, N & Edwards, B

Paper no: 119

Year published: 2017

This paper uses data from the National Assessment Program, Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) to document the distribution of Indigenous students across Australian schools, as well as some of the potential effects of that distribution on literacy and numeracy outcomes. The results show three main...

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Occupational Mobility of Indigenous and other Australians, 2006-11

Author/editor: Hunter,B & Gray,M

Paper no: 118

Year published: 2017

This paper describes Indigenous and non-Indigenous occupational mobility (i.e. changes in the skill level of an occupation in which an individual is employed) using the Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset, 2006-11. The paper also considers movements out of paid employment, by occupation, and the...

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Indigenous participation in arts and cultural expression, and the relationship with wellbeing:results from the 2014-15 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey

Author/editor: Nicholas Biddle and Heather Crawford

Paper no: 117

Year published: 2017

The analysis presented in this report shows that, among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, better outcomes for socioeconomic indicators such as employment, education and income are positively associated with participation in arts and cultural expression. There is also strong evidence...

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