CAEPR Supervisors

The following academic staff members can assist with supervision of PhD and Masters scholars:

Dr Bree Blakeman  Yolngu culture and languages, Anthropology of Aboriginal Australia, Anthropology of Emotion, Cognitive Anthropology, Exchange theory, Value theory, Theories of autonomy, Stateless societies

Dr Yonatan Dinku  Human Development, Development Economics, Econometrics and Statistical Methods, Economics of Health and Education, Labour Economics, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy, Impact Evaluation of Social Policies, Social Capital and Neighbourhood Effects, Health and Well-being

Dr Bill Fogarty  Representation, Discourse and Identity, Education and Knowledge, Relationship between Indigenous and Western knowledge, Education Policy, Indigenous Cultural and Natural Resource Management, Sustainable education and employment pathways in remote communities, Development, Sport, Social and Cultural Anthropology

Dr Deirdre Howard-Wagner Critical Indigenous policy research with a social and socio-legal focus, comparative Indigenous policy, Indigenous justice, urban Indigenous development and enablement, international urban Indigenous social movements, organisations and self-determination, urban Aboriginal disadvantage, urban locality-based service delivery, whiteness, racism, and race relations, state governmentality in the neoliberal age, social theory, and sociological methodologies

Dr Francis Markham Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and economic policy; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land and sea rights; Quantitative social science and Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Urban geography, economic geography and political economy; Gambling and other forms of dangerous consumption

Dr Annick Thomassin Indigenous people-State relations (Australia, Canada); Indigenous economic alternatives and life projects; small-scale fisheries; co-management and community-based natural resource management; governance systems and paradigms; sovereignties; political ecology/political ontology; Indigenous knowledge systems/philosophies; Indigenous cultural and natural management; urban/peri-urban fisheries and environmental stewardship; neo-colonialism; maritime anthropology, Torres Strait, NSW South Coast

Dr Diane Smith Indigenous governance – First Nations, communities and organisations; Settlement and treaty governance; Self-determination and nation-building; Indigenous development; Cultural geographies of governance; Native title compensation; Citizenship; Families, households and networks; Governance of governments; Government and First Nations policy making; Data Sovereignty; Evaluation frameworks; Research methods

Dr Mandy Yap  Indicators of wellbeing and quality of life, participatory methodologies, mixed-methods, poverty measurement, evaluation frameworks, development economics, gender and development, Indigenous empowerment, Indigenous wellbeing, Indigenous sustainable development, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social and Economic Policy

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