CAEPR Theses

Graduate Research currently being undertaken


Katherine Bellchambers, PhD Scholar
Discourses of development & Indigenous Resurgence: Indigenous Ranger Programs in the lower Gulf of Carpentaria.

Clement Bresson, PhD Scholar
Designing appropriate business models and implementation strategies in remote communities: the case of Aboriginal seafood ventures in the Northern Territory.

Natalie Bryant, PhD Scholar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Investigating the absence of reforms to facilitate Indigenous self-determination in Australia's hospital system.

Adam Delaney, PhD Scholar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Resurgence of Indigenous Motu-Koita Governance in the National Capital District of Papua New Guinea: Edekaha Baitalaomu? 

Minda Murray, PhD Scholar
Aboriginal Self-determination and Policy Reform in Victoria: Governmentality Change as a Key to Success.

Nina Nichols, PhD Scholar
Between community and policy: the capacity of an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service to improve Indigenous workforce participation in Cape York.

Mylene Rakena, PhD Scholar
Mana Motuhake: Autonomy, Governance and Nationhood of governance model Hapu in contemporary Maori Society in Aotearoa, New Zealand

Craig Ritchie, PhD Scholar
Culture and Policymaking: Towards Better Aboriginal Policymaking

Bhiamie Williamson, PhD Scholar
Indigenising Masculinities



Completed Theses



Susan Page, PhD Scholar
Beyond Black and White: Defining Threshold Concepts in first year Australian Indigenous Studies

Claire Rafferty, PhD Scholar
Relationships matter: Yolngu models of both ways community-centred education

Catherine Holmes, PhD Scholar
Tjitji kutjuparriku (in Ngaanyatjarra) - Tjitji Tjiyinytjiku (in Pintupi) - The changing nature of childhood" A study of children's practices from a Ngaanyatjarra and Pintupi perspective in Australia: An interpretive approach to socialisation."

Katherine Aigner, PhD Scholar
New Dream Old Lore. Lorraine Mafi-Williams, Nunarng Cultural Sanctuary and the Ngaraakwal of northern NSW, Australia.


Dr Ben Wilson (PhD)
Stories for Country: Developing a Place-Based Pedagogy Based on Indigenous Ways of Knowing


Dr Stefanie Puszka (PhD)
Urban Domestic Moral Economies of Indigenous Dialysis Patients

Dr Michaela Woods (PhD)
The value of cultural practice to Aboriginal people


Dr Talia Avrahamzon (PhD)
Everyday Reconciliation at School: New Celebrations and Ongoing Silences


Dr Charmaine Brown (PhD)
From the roots up: Principles of good practice to prevent violence against women in the Northern Territory.

Dr Lisa Fowkes (PhD)
Settler-state ambitions and bureaucratic ritual at the frontiers of the labour market: Indigenous Australians and remote employment services 2011-2017

Dr Simone Georg (PhD)
How can service providers use risk and protective factors to improve community safety? Examining inter-agency partnerships


Dr Tony Dreise (PhD)
Charity meets Clarity: An Empirical, Critical, and Normative Study of Philanthropic Investment in Indigenous Australian Education 

Dr Tjanara Goreng Goreng (PhD)
The impact of Elders on community based development and community recovery amongst Anangu people in the Central Desert

Dr Rob Bray (PhD)
TheAustralian Minimum Wage and the Needs of a Family


Dr Mandy Li-Ming Yap (PhD)
Interaction between gender and wellbeing amongst Indigenous Australians


Dr Deirdre Tedmanson (PhD)
Shifting State Constructions of Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara: changes to the South Australian Pitjantjatjara Land Rights Act 1981-2006.


Dr Paul Cleary (PhD)
Iron Ore Dreaming: a study of Native Title negotiations in the Pilbara, Western Australia


Dr Richard Barcham (PhD)
A Pacific Approach to Community Development:Can It be Transposed to Indigenous Australia?

Dr Kate Sullivan (PhD)
Indigenous Interaction with the Justice System in New South Wales


Dr Kathryn Thorburn (PhD)
Whitefella Governance? Managing Selves, Managing Others In and Around Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia


Dr Bill Fogarty (PhD)
Learning Through Country: Competing Knowledge Systems and Place Based Pedagogy

Dr Diane Smith (PhD)
Cultures of Governance and the Governance of Culture: Indigenous Australians and the State


Dr Nicholas Biddle (PhD)
Does It Pay to go to School? The Benefits of and Participation in Education of Indigenous Australians

Dr Inge Kral (PhD)
Writing Words-Right Way! Literacy and Social Practice in the Ngaanyatjarra World (awarded the 2007 Australian Anthropology Society thesis by research prize)

Dr Benedict Scambary (PhD)
My Country, Mine Country: Indigenous People, Mining and Development Contestation in Remote Australia


Dr Katherine Trebeck (PhD)
Democratisation Through Civil Regulation? The Case of Miners and Indigenous Australians


Dr Robert Levitus (PhD)
Sacredness and Consultation: An Interpretation of the Coronation Hill Dispute


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