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Observing the Strong Culture, Strong Families Program as an Innovative Indigenous Justice Program and More

Author/editor: D. Howard-Wagner and D. Evans

Paper no: 295

Year published: 2020

The purpose of this Discussion Paper is to report the observations of the Strong Culture, Strong Families program run for Aboriginal male detainees and their families in the Alexander Maconachie Centre, which is a prison and remand centre in the Australian Capital Territory. The paper aims to draw...

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Systemic Innovation in Native Title

Systemic innovation in native title

Author/editor: Dillon, M.

Paper no: 294

Year published: 2018

This paper explores the implications which flow from the fact that native title institutions comprise a complex system, or meta-system, and examines the extent and value of innovation within the native title system. It looks backwards to identify and assess a number of key innovations since the...

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Successful Urban Aboriginal-Driven Community Development: A Place-Based Study of Newcastle

Author/editor: Howard-Wagner, D.

Paper no: 293

Year published: 2017

This discussion paper is a sociological account of the history of successful urban Aboriginal community development by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people in the Australian city of Newcastle. It endeavours to explain the strategy that Aboriginal people in Newcastle have adopted for taking...

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Emerging strategic issues in native title:future political and policy challenges

Author/editor: Dillon,MC

Paper no: 292

Year published: 2017

In the 25 years since the Mabo High Court decision, native title claims, litigation, determinations, and land use agreements have proliferated with the result that native title is now an undisputed component in the Australian nation's core institutional framework. This has been a remarkable...

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Experimental governance in Australian Indigenous affairs: From Coombs to Pearson via Rowse and the competing principles

Author/editor: Sanders, WG

Paper no: 291

Year published: 2014

The competing principles framework for analysing Australian Indigenous affairs is revisited, starting with Rowse on 'the Coombs experiment'. Rowse rehabilitates this term from pejorative critics, arguing that all government policy in Indigenous affairs is experimental. The task becomes one of...

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Lessons from a History of Beer Canteens and Licensed Clubs in Indigenous Australian Communities

Author/editor: Brady, M

Paper no: 290

Year published: 2014

The idea that alcoholic drinks should be made available in licensed canteens or clubs in discrete Aboriginal communities has a contentious history in Australian public policy. This discussion paper aims to provide some historical depth to the latest resurgence of interest in the idea. The paper...

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Ideology, Evidence and Competing Principles in Australian Indigenous Affairs: From Brough to Rudd via Pearson and the NTER

Author/editor: Sanders, WG

Paper no: 289

Year published: 2009

This paper tracks the recent rise of ideology and evidence discourse as a way of describing good and bad Indigenous affairs policy. Expressing dissatisfaction with this discourse, it suggests a slightly more complex analytic way of thinking about Indigenous affairs involving three competing...

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