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The Development and Implementation of Alcohol Policy: Anthropological insights on Translation from the Global (the World Health Organisation) to the Local (Indigenous Australia)

Author/editor: Brady, M.

Paper no: 07/22

Year published: 2022

In this paper I explore the challenges of implementing policy advice when moving from the global (in the form of the World Health Organization [WHO]) to the local (Australian Indigenous communities). Much of the thinking about alcohol problems and policy has necessarily been framed broadly at a...

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Southern Cross Krystal Hurst

No more business as usual: The need for participatory Indigenous development policy and skilled practice

Author/editor: Hunt, J & Bauman, T

Paper no: 6

Year published: 2022

This paper explores what is required to enable First People to be genuinely able to participate in their own development in line with their right to self-determination and free prior and informed consent. It examines current major directions and opportunities in government policies and argues that...

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The Southern Cross by Krystal Hurst (2020)

Big picture essays on Australian Indigenous policy: Deep structures and decolonising

Author/editor: W Sanders

Paper no: 05/2021

Year published: 2021

This paper comprises three big picture essays reflecting on Australian Indigenous policy of the last half century. The first two were originally written in 2018 as contributions to a major international gathering of political scientists. The third was written in early 2021 as a response to Westbury...

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The Southern Cross by Krystal Hurst (2020)

Leasing reforms on Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory: Impacts on land rights and remote community governance

Author/editor: J Weepers

Paper no: 04/2021

Year published: 2021

Since 2006, Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory (NT) has been subject to a range of land tenure reforms, mostly government-initiated. The most momentous are three different leasing regimes that apply to remote communities – s. 19 leasing over individual lots, and two different forms of...

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Language rights and Indigenous human rights in central Australia

Author/editor: S. Holcombe and A. Nampitjinpa Anderson

Paper no: 03/2021

Year published: 2021

In this Policy Insights paper we use the successful COVID-19 health messaging in an Indigenous language as a lever to explore the ways in which communication rights for Aṉangu are coupled with their collective rights as Indigenous Australians, as a particular strand of human rights. There is a...

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Evaluation and review as drivers of reform in the Indigenous policy domain

Author/editor: M.C.Dillon

Paper no: 2

Year published: 2020

This Policy Insights Paper seeks to assess the influence of evaluation and review in influencing policy in the Indigenous affairs policy domain. The paper examines four high-level case studies of strategically significant policy issues within the Indigenous policy domain to assess the impact of...

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Overcoming Indigenous exclusion: Very hard, plenty humbug

Author/editor: ND Westbury and MC Dillon

Paper no: 1

Year published: 2019

The systemic and structural issues that underpin the longstanding policy failures of governments in Indigenous Affairs are central to the nation’s future. The strategic policy choices facing both policymakers and Indigenous interests are complex and challenging. Our aim is to provide a high level...

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